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SuperFarm ($SUPER) is a cross-chain DeFi platform aimed at easing the process of creating non-fungible tokens (NFT) while giving them the capacity to add value to their tokens. It has its own NFT marketplace which creators could benefit from. The protocol is designed to make the user’s whole blockchain journey easier. Finally, SuperFarm is a continuously growing project that could attract more partnerships from several gaming platforms.

SuperFarm is a cross-chain DeFi platform for NFT farming without any code required, with the primary aim is of making it easier for anyone to create their own tokens and add value to them through NFT farming. And because it does not have any coding requirement on the part of the business, using the platform lessens the technical complexity of coming up with their own NFT.

$ 0.523
Supply 216,276,077.42 SUPER
Volume $57,292,566.00
Market Cap $117,844,572.00
Change -30.14%
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